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Historically, our meetings lasted half a day and were held bi-annually in the afternoon, but they soon expanded to a whole day and came to stand alone. Meetings are still held twice-yearly, always on a Friday, and are preceded by an informal meal the night before, and precede a formal dinner on the Friday evening and a casual programme on the Saturday.


All meetings are characterised by the high quality of presentations and discussion, a reflection of the enthusiasm, expertise and interest of the membership, and their relaxed, friendly and informal ambience.

The format of meetings has remained largely unaltered over the years, each consisting of a mixture of ‘papers’, essentially presentations of research, audits, or similar pieces of work, and ‘case presentations’, by means of which members entertain and tax the membership with interesting, rare or perplexing cases. Latterly, meetings have included review and discussion of cases circulated in the Pulmonary External Quality Assurance (EQA) scheme.

Details of previous meetings can be accessed via the drop down menu under meetings. 

Access is restricted to APP members

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